Dr. Tiffany Davies, Dr. Kathryn Shade and Dr. Angela Ritz see patients ages 10 and up.  

Our goal as a practice group is to provide the highest quality care in a very personalized way.  Above all else, we strive to ensure that you receive the best care possible, both in sickness and in health.  We are the starting place for any of your health concerns, and we focus on prevention, treatment of the whole person, and coordination of care with specialists if needed.  Please see our biographical pages to learn more about our individual practice philosophies.

* Each doctor in this practice is currently accessible by calling the office or by email.

We offer the highest level of physician availability 24/7.

*We have urgent care appointments available each day so we will be able to see you when you are sick.

*If your doctor is not in the office on a particular day, one of her partners will happily see you for an urgent need.

*We do not utilize physician extenders such as nurse practitioners or physician assistants.  Therefore, you are assured to see a Medical Doctor at each and every visit.

*We have a direct phone to one of the three doctors on call every night if you have a medical question that can’t wait for the morning.

To enable this level of service, we have instituted an Administrative Fee.  Click here to learn about the fee.

Keeping you healthy is our goal, and we strive to have your healthcare experience be as friendly and stress free as possible.  Click here to check for insurance acceptance.

We are dedicated to your wellness!