Urgent Appointments

The last hour of the morning and the last hour of the afternoon are left open to accommodate people who call and need to be seen that day. Please call first thing in the morning if you feel you need to be scheduled into these appointment times.  These visits are intended to deal with the acute problem, not ongoing or chronic issues, as less time is allotted for these visits, and many people may need to be seen during this time period. This is especially true during flu or allergy seasons!  If you call and schedule an urgent appointment and then do not show up, you will be charged a $40 no show fee which is not covered by your insurance.


If you find that you are unable to keep an appointment, we ask that you call at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule. This gives us time to give this appointment time to someone else. If you do not give us this notice there will be a $40 no show charge that is not covered by your insurance.


All messages and questions for the doctors are handled the same day whenever possible.  If you have a non-urgent medical question you may email your doctor.  Non-urgent calls are responded to at lunch and at the end of the day.  We try to answer calls between patient visits also.  Please leave numbers and times that you can be contacted.  If you do not mind a detailed message being left on a machine or with a family member, please indicate that when you call.  If you are calling with an emergency, indicate this immediately so the medical assistant can triage your need appropriately or the doctor can take your call.

Test Results

We will contact you with your lab results either by phone or by mail.  If you do not receive your results within one week please call us for your report.  Do NOT assume the result is normal.


If you require a medication refill, please call your pharmacy at least 2 working days before you will run out of your medication.  They will then contact our office for refill approval and we will review your chart to ensure the refill is appropriate.  If you use a mail-order pharmacy, please request a refill at least 3 weeks before you will run out.  We write prescriptions with enough refills to last until your next visit, so please schedule an appointment when you have no remaining refills.  It is best to get these at your office visit.  Please do not call the doctor on call for medication refills.

Types of Visits

When scheduling an appointment let the receptionist know what kind of visit you will need.

Complete Physical: This is a 30 minute appointment and involves a review of your history, your family’s history, health maintenance screening, immunizations, a physical exam and additional testing that is indicated after all of the above.  It is done every 1-5 years based on age and medical history.  It is usually best to ask your doctor if you need this type of physical and how often. These are usually booked 2-3 months in advance.

Well Woman: This is a routine annual Pap smear/breast exam visit.

Acute Visit: These are brief appointments to evaluate illnesses, a new rash, a drug reaction, a cough etc.  As these are same day appointments and of a shorter duration than a regular appointment, please limit them to the acute problem rather than chronic or old problems.

New Problem Visit: If there is a new issue that you have noticed with your health, book this type of appointment.

Follow up Visit:  Regular follow up of an existing problem.

Trauma/Injury:  Some problems we can care for here in the office and other problems require evaluation and treatment in the Emergency Room.  The doctors and medical assistants will help decide which is best for you.  Again, if this is an emergency proceed directly to the Hospital, don’t wait to call us first.

New Patient Visit:  More time is scheduled for new patients so be sure the receptionist knows if you are new to our office.

Class I, II or III Pilot Physical:  Dr. Davies can perform these exams.  Please bring photo identification, any paperwork you have received from the FAA, and any pertinent records from your primary care doctor.

After Hours & Emergencies

If you need to speak to a physician after hours, you will be connected to the on call covering physician. The direct line to the cell phone of the doctor on call is 408-540-4606.  This is intended to cover very urgent problems that cannot wait until regular office hours.  The doctor on call will not be able to give you a medication refill (see Prescriptions/Refills above).

If you feel it is an emergency, call 911 or proceed directly to the Hospital.


All billing is done off-site, with a company called Pulse Systems, Inc. If you have questions regarding a statement you receive from our office or from your insurance company, please start by contacting them directly at 888-816-0288 ext 4055.  If you feel they could not help, please call our office manager Jane and she will do her best to assist you!  If you have a non-urgent medical question for your doctor, you may e-mail her.  You will find her email address under her picture.