Drs. Shade, Ritz and Davies are dedicated to your wellness.  They work closely together to create the best possible experience for you in their medical practice.  The success and feedback they receive has been gratifying.  However, the many changes in the healthcare landscape have created a challenging environment, where the physicians and their assistants are required to spend increasing time on tasks that are not paid for by insurance such as phone calls, insurance authorizations, emails, prescription refills, form completions, and coordination of care with specialists.

In order to focus on patient care, our group is going to stay independent but institute an annual fee to cover these non-reimbursable administrative tasks and upgraded services.  This is above and beyond your customary insurance payment for services rendered.  Unfortunately, your insurance will NOT pay these fees. However, if you have a Flexible Spending Account, it may be covered.

Coming soon, a new online patient portal will make it easier than ever to communicate with us via email as well as to view and store your labs.  This will also allow us to e-prescribe to most pharmacies.  As always, we will offer same day/next day appointments for you when needed.

Read the FAQs about the new fee here.

Read the official contract language here.

And finally…here is the response form we need back from you!

Lynell Fort, our Office Manager, is coordinating the responses and can answer any questions you might have.