Drs. Shade, Ritz and Davies are dedicated to your wellness.  They work closely together to create the best possible experience for you in their medical practice.  The success and feedback they receive has been gratifying.  However, the many changes in the healthcare landscape have created a challenging environment, where the physicians and their assistants are required to spend increasing time on tasks that are not paid for by insurance such as phone calls, insurance authorizations, emails, prescription refills, form completions, and coordination of care with specialists.

In order to focus on patient care and allow our doctors to stay independent, we charge an annual fee to cover these non-reimbursable administrative tasks and upgraded services.  This is above and beyond your customary insurance payment for services rendered.  Unfortunately, your insurance will NOT pay these fees. However, if you have a Flexible Spending Account, it may be covered.

Coming soon, a new online patient portal will make it easier than ever to communicate with us as well as to view and store your labs.  We are able to e-prescribe medication for you.  When you come to our office you will only be seen and treated by a board certified Medical Doctor as we do not utilize physician extenders such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners.  After hours calls to us are directly answered by one of the three physicians.  As always, we offer same day/next day appointments for you when needed.

Please contact Jane Cook, our Office Manager with any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you charging an administrative fee?

It will cover the non-reimbursable tasks our doctors and medical staff undertake on your behalf that insurance does not pay for.

How much is it?

Our administrative fees are as follows:

Monthly Yearly
Individual patients 25 years or younger $10 $100
Individual patients 26 years or older $25 $250
Parent with one dependent (must be under 26) $35 $350
Adult couple $40 $400
Family (all dependents must be under 26) $50 $500

Note that these couples/family discounts apply even if you see different doctors.

Paying Monthly

You may choose to pay monthly by credit card.  The fee will automatically be charged to your credit card on the last day of the month to cover the upcoming month.

Paying Annually

The annual rate shown is already discounted from the monthly rate as shown.  This fee covers you for a calendar year.  If you are a new patient joining part-way through the year your fee will be pro-rated.

How do I pay?

After enrolling here you will be directed to our online payment system where you may enter your credit card information.

If paying online is not an option for you or you are enrolling in our family plan and see multiple physicians, please call our receptionist to make arrangements.

What if different family members see different docs?

If you and your partner or other family members see any of the three doctors, you still qualify for the couples/family rate.  Just let Lynell know when you sign up.

Will insurance pay the fee?

Unfortunately not.  These fees are for non-reimbursable expenses and are not covered by insurance.  You may inquire if your Flexible Spending Account covers the fee.

My out-of-town guest needs a doctor. Can they come without a fee?

Yes, we will see your family/guest for one appointment without a fee.

As a new patient, do I have to pay before meeting the doctor?

No, we want you to meet us and feel confident in your decision to partner with us for your wellness before making the commitment to stay in the practice.  Once you and the doctor both decide it is a good fit then the fee will be due.

Where can I read the official contract?

The official contract language is located here.

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