FAQs about our new Fee Policy

Why are you charging an administrative fee?

It will cover the non-reimbursable tasks our doctors and medical staff undertake on your behalf that insurance does not pay for.  Click to read all the details and contractual information about the fee.

How much is it?

Per MonthPer Year
For individual patients
If you are 25 years old or younger:
$10 per month(or $100 for year)
If you are 26 years old or older:$25 per month(or $250 for year)
Parent with one dependent$35 per month(or $350 for year)
For an adult couple:$40 per month(or $400 for year)
For families
(all dependents must be under 26)
$50 per month(or $500 for year)

Note that these couples/family discounts apply even if you see different doctors.

Paying Annually

The annual rate shown is already discounted from the monthly rate as shown.  Your coverage year may vary depending on when you joined the practice.  All patients as of Oct. 1, 2016 will have their coverage year begin October 1, regardless of when they pay.

How do I pay?

If you pay annually, you may pay by cash (in office only), or in the mail by check along with your Administrative Fee form. To pay by credit card, you may pay online.   This will take you to our credit card portal, where you may enter your credit card information.

If paying online is not an option for you, please call our receptionist to make arrangements.  You will also need to call the office if you and other members of your family have different physicians.

What if different family members see different docs?

If you and your partner or other family members see any of the three doctors, you still qualify for the couples/family rate.  Just let Patty know when you sign up.

Will insurance pay the fee?

Unfortunately not.  These fees are for non-reimbursable expenses and are not covered by insurance.  You may inquire if your Flexible Spending Account covers the fee.

My out-of-town guest needs a doctor.  Can they come without a fee?

Yes, we will see your family/guest for one appointment without a fee.

What if I don’t want to pay the fee?

Our new policy covers all patients in the practice.  If you have special financial concerns, speak to your physician or our office manager at extension 120.  We sincerely hope you will choose to stay with us.  If you choose otherwise, please ask your new doctor what records to request.

Current patients should either download this form LGD Response Form 7 19 16 and send it back to us in mail or via fax (408) 378-1039 or you can complete it online here.