I don’t see my insurance listed.

We will try to keep our list updated regularly, but if you don’t see your insurance listed, contact your company and ask them if we are contracted physicians. Some insurances subcontract to other companies that we are contracted with, but this would not be readily apparent on your card.

I have an insurance that you are not contracted with.

We see many patients who are out of network. Most insurance companies offer “Out of Network” rates.  The rates are usually paid at a smaller percentage than if we were contracted with them.  As a courtesy we will bill your insurance for you.

Can I pay cash?

Yes, and we offer a cash discount.

What happens if I need to be seen and my Doctor is out of the office?

The other doctors will gladly see you in an available appointment time. In the rare instance that the office is closed on a regular workday our on call doctor is available by phone.

How do I get a copy of my Medical Records?

We can provide copies of your most recent test results, a copy of your insurance card or any pertinent information needed if you are being referred to a specialist, upon request.  All other requests for copies of  medical records require a written authorization by the patient.  We use an outside copy service and there is a fee for this service.  Please contact our office and ask for medical records for more detailed information.

Can’t find your question/answer?

If you can’t find your answer on the other pages in this site or listed here, please contact our office.

What about the administrative fee?

Our office charges a fee to cover administrative tasks like phone calls, referrals, prescription refills and insurance paperwork.  You can read more about it here.